Imagine a coffee house in Vienna in a bygone century. The walls are paneled with dark oak interspersed with ornately beveled mirrors. The smell of espresso permeates the room. A young man steps in from the dark street. Perhaps it is winter and he brushes fresh flakes of snow from his coat and hat. As he does, he glances around the room, surveying the mix of patrons. His party is already in the far corner, occupying a pair of tables pushed together to make one. Some are partaking of delicate Viennese pastries along with coffee or cognac.

His contemporaries are an eclectic, some say eccentric, circle of women and men — all intelligent, free thinkers of the time. They’ve met weekly in this coffee house for as long as they can remember. They gather to share their writing, hash out cutting-edge ideas, and perhaps walk away a bit wiser for investing a night with good company...

We, too, are an eclectic — I say eccentric — bunch. Each of us comes from varied backgrounds. We welcome all who find us. All we ask of new members is to come to the table with open minds and an earnest desire to improve their writing.

It is too early to tell if our venue will someday be known as a focal point of new writing talent, or how many of our group will ever make a mark for themselves. Will future generations of aspiring writers sit in our café and smile at the thought of famous ghosts who were at these tables before them? Thoughts like this are presumptuous at this stage of our collective careers. Yet, some of us are already published. Others ought to have been published by now, judging by the outstanding quality of their work...

excerpt from our second anthology, More Great Writing by People You've Never Heard Of

Walpole Writers Group meets in real time every Tuesday, at 7 PM, in the Barnes & Noble in the Walpole Mall. Each week, we share our writing in a variety of genres, including poetry, novels, short stories, memoirs, historical fiction, essays, and non-fiction articles. Our goals are to learn to write better and to get published. Several members have published their writing in magazines and books, and we've also self-published two anthologies.

We offer each other critique, encouragement, advice, and a shoulder to cry on.

If you're interested in writing, please visit us some Tuesday night.

We are a community for writers and authors from the south shore, southeastern Mass, Neponset Valley, Walpole, Canton, Norwood, Westwood, Medfield, Norfolk, Sharon, Dedham, Randolph, Stoughton, Foxboro, and other towns in Massachusetts.